Dividing out RGB to HEX codes

How HEX codes work with RGB and math

March 23, 2024

Recently, I stumbled upon a video from a graphic designer that introduced the relationship how HEX codes work with RGB and math. It got me thinking about the significance of these codes in digital design and how they contribute to the colorful world of creativity. HEX codes, also known as hexadecimal codes, serve as alphanumeric […]

CMYK and RGB models

Color Wars: The Battle Between CMYK and RGB

March 12, 2024

Let’s look into the battle between CMYK and RGB. In the world of design, colors aren’t just colors – they’re tools that wield power over digital and print mediums alike. Enter the age-old rivalry between CMYK and RGB, two color modes that stand as pillars in the design world, each with its own strengths and […]